APHIS Poultry Team Contacts

The core avian team now consists of Dr. Fidelis Hegngi, Dr. Denise Heard, Dr. Patricia Fox, Dr. Tom Ray, Dr. Valerie Marcano, Ms. Penny Kesler, Ms. Meta Walker, and Ms. Samantha Steer (S&P-Avian Team).

  • For matters concerning the Live Bird Market System, Avian Influenza, trade bans, and associated areas, please contact:

    Dr. Fidelis Hegngi
    National Coordinator, LBMS

    Ms. Samantha Steer
    ASAAHP Program Specialist

    In the event Dr. Hegngi is unavailable, please contact Dr. Heard.

  • For matters concerning breeding and commercial poultry in the National Poultry Improvement Plan, NPIP authorized laboratories, the NPIP General Conference Committee, NPIP Provisions, and other associated areas, please contact:

    Dr. Denise Heard
    NPIP Senior Coordinator

    Dr. Valerie Marcano
    NPIP Student Intern

    Ms. Penny Kesler
    NPIP Program Analyst

    Ms. Meta Walker
    NPIP Program Assistant

    In the event that NPIP office personnel are unavailable, please contact Dr. Hegngi.

  • For all states (former Eastern and Western), matters pertaining to H5/H7 presumptive positive/positive test results, indemnity, Cooperative Agreements (including quarterly reports) and Initial State Response and Containment Plans, please contact:

    Dr. Patricia Fox
    National Epidemiologist-Avian Health

    Dr. Tom Ray
    Commodity Health Specialist

    In the event that Dr. Fox is unavailable, please contact Dr. Hegngi for cooperative agreement questions and Dr. Heard for ISRCP questions.

Any questions or comments on avian issues, NPIP, LBMS, surveillance or response, please don’t hesitate to contact us.