An Avian Influenza workshop is scheduled for July 12-14, 2022 in Athens, Georgia at the University of Georgia, Poultry Diagnostic and Research Center. Please note that this workshop will be held in person with no virtual option available. There are a number of laboratories that are overdue for training, therefore registration forms will be emailed to these laboratories first. Emails will be sent to these Laboratory Directors and contacts from Dr. Kathryn Burden ( no later than May 16th. The email from Dr. Burden will include information about how to register and pay and will include information for the hotel room block. As a reminder, registration for the workshop is $500; this price does not include hotel room payment, transportation to the State of Georgia or shuttle service to and from the airport.

Visit our FAQs page at for additional information


2021 Avian Influenza AGID/ELISA Proficiency Test is now available

Please have a designee of your laboratory log into the NAHLN portal This PT requires only one set of results to be submitted for the entire laboratory. Only the individual designated to enter results will need to be registered as a participant. If you have trouble with the access to the portal please forward your questions to

NPIP authorized laboratories who authorized for conducting AGID/ELISA Avian Influenza Tests are expected to sign up for this PT.

If you have questions about the IAV-A (avian influenza) Serology Proficiency Testing process please contact Terra Jenson (terra.a.jenson@usda) with a CC: to Katy Burden and Jina McBroom (;

Cost: $395.00 per Panel (+$15 S&H)

Here are some important dates to remember for the Avian Influenza PT:

November 29, 2021: Orders are due

November 30, 2021: Estimated test kit shipments

January 14, 2022: Results due in portal.

2021 Mycoplasma Proficiency Test is now available from the University of Georgia

The Mycoplasma Proficiency Test is ordered through the following link:
Mycoplasma Proficiency Panel Fall 2021

Your laboratory should order the BLIND KIT for the assays that your laboratory performs. For example, if the lab runs an ELISA, SPA, or HI you will need to order the Sera kit. For laboratories running PCR, please order the swab option. Known kits are available for purchase as well, but are not required. Only submit one set of results (1 answer sheet) per kit purchased.

Cost: $350.00 per Serum Panel (+30 S&H unless FedEx or UPS acct number is provided); $375.00 per PCR Panel (+$30 S&H unless FedEx or UPS acct number is provided) If your institution requires a PO please work directly with the University of Georgia Poultry Diagnostic Research Center (706-542-5657) to obtain one. As you wait for a PO to be generated, please place your order to hold kits until the PO is generated.

If you have any further questions, please contact by email at with a cc to and include "Antisera/PCR Kit Order" in the subject line.

Here are some important dates to remember for the Mycoplasma PT:

September 24, 2021: Orders are due by 5pm Eastern Time

October, 2021: Estimated month of test kit shipments

December 10, 2021: Answers due. Only submit 1 set of results per kit purchased.